Hey! My name is Michael West, I’m a fairly new amateur radio operator.

My interests are packet radio, specifically APRS and AREDN, storm spotting, and high altitude balloons. My QTH is near Addison, TX, specifically DNT and Keller Springs.

Currently my radio collection consists of two Baofeng UV-82s HTs and a Baofeng UV-5001 mobile for the car. I have a NanoStation M2 on my apartment balcony running as an AREDN node. I also use several RTL-SDRs, as well as a RadioShack Pro 106 scanner I bought from N5AET for listening.

I usually monitor the MARS N5MJQ and DCARA W5NGU repeaters while driving.

I took my license exam on 2016/5/26, passed, and received my original call KG5NWH on 2016/6/1. My initials are MAW, so a few months later, I applied for W5MAW after it became available.

My contact information (phone, email, etc) is on my main website.

My main website, mwe.st

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